Ana Sofia Vasconcelos Matias Valença Rodrigues

She is married to Rui Pedro Maneira Câncio, a PE teacher and professional sportsman. He too, throughout his life and career, has managed to conquer many victories, achieve many awards and medals, which have honoured Portuguese sport worldwide.

Sofia started out in the “equestrian” activities a little later than her sisters, as all her spare time was spent taking care of her pets. She loves all animals; in fact, she would bring home any abandoned animal that may have crossed her path, sometimes turning the Centro Equestre into a veritable zoo!

When she earned her first horse (each rider, according to his/her mentality and preparation, is granted a horse so s/he may train it until s/he achieves the desired results), Sofia managed to impress everyone with her care, love of animals and patience. The experience she has acquired over the years spent with her family and teaching new pupils has created true miracles. She makes horses become sweet tempered and turns the bad-mannered ones into more tolerant animals.