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The theatre man, artist, horse trainer – the man behind Appasionata   A 30 minutes drive outside Lisboa lives the classical master and artist MESTRO LUIS VALENCA. The man behind the world’s most spectacular horse show: Appasionata, and one out of four trainers having been rewarded the spectacular title “Master of Equestrian Art” .   […]

Luisa Valença

Ana Luisa Vasconcelos Matias Valença Rodrigues – Bi to my friends I’m a Portuguese citizen born in Lisbon but early on I became become a citizen of the world, traveling around the globe with my family and my horses …

Inês Valença Câncio

Inês began her riding career at the age of three. Her public debut was in the show perfromed by the Centro Equestre da Lezíria Grande at the Golegã Horse Fair. She did a Pas 3 with her mother and grandfather, as well as a solo. She hasn’t stopped since then! Inês has been in hundreds […]

Luis Valenca and Sultao at age 27

By the time this video was made the legendary Sultao was already in retirement. Yet here he is in the long lines still able to canter backward, do Spanish walk backward, and perform what Valenca likes to call a little “Fantasy”. The love between horse and man is evident here.

Valenca on Equestrian Art

Worth watching. Even if you don’t speak French. What Mestre Valenca is saying here is that equestrian art is based on three things. Love, Beauty and the Elegance and Kindness of the horses natural movement.

Ana Filipa de Vasconcelos Matias Valença Rodrigues

From an early age, horses have been a dominant feature in Filipa Valença´s life. The eldest of a Master Horse rider, she learnt the art when she was almost still a toddler, under the influence of her Father, her Godfather – Fernando Ralão – and Master Emílio Mota. Following the ‘hard’ years of the Carnation […]

Ana Sofia Vasconcelos Matias Valença Rodrigues

She is married to Rui Pedro Maneira Câncio, a PE teacher and professional sportsman. He too, throughout his life and career, has managed to conquer many victories, achieve many awards and medals, which have honoured Portuguese sport worldwide.