The theatre man, artist, horse trainer – the man behind Appasionata



A 30 minutes drive outside Lisboa lives the classical master and artist MESTRO LUIS VALENCA. The man behind the world’s most spectacular horse show: Appasionata, and one out of four trainers having been rewarded the spectacular title “Master of Equestrian Art” .


Valenca has been the most important advocates of the Lusitano as a “show horse” in modern time, and he has devoted his life to horse shows, theatre life and education of horses and riders.
At home he has built an oasis of his own – a horse paradise, away from the modern world. Here you can find stocks of costumes, a horse museum and a traditional training area, comprising old paintings, mosaic art, gold decorations, i.e. everything belonging to a honourable and classical horse world. EQUILIFE visited Valenca at home in Portugal – a visit that turned out to be a life experience.

Old Times

We arrive at an early Friday morning. The white- and yellow painted riding stables form a long row, and curious horses are looking at us from the doors facing the yard. Flowers of so many colours are climbing the walls, while some of the stallions are welcoming us. To the left we find a huge in-door show arena, with audience facilities and a large, separated show ring.



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