Valenca on Equestrian Art

Worth watching. Even if you don’t speak French. What Mestre Valenca is saying here is that equestrian art is based on three things.

Love, Beauty and the Elegance and Kindness of the horses natural movement.

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Ana Filipa de Vasconcelos Matias Valença Rodrigues

From an early age, horses have been a dominant feature in Filipa Valença´s life. The eldest of a Master Horse rider, she learnt the art when she was almost still a toddler, under the influence of her Father, her Godfather – Fernando Ralão – and Master Emílio Mota.

Following the ‘hard’ years of the Carnation revolution in Portugal, the family headed to the Canary Islands where Filipa, alongside her Father, rode the horses of the ‘Tauro Country Club’ show.

Her debut in presenting show horses was at the age of 6, first at the Fair in Santarém and afterwards at the Fair in Golegã.

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