Valenca on Equestrian Art

Worth watching. Even if you don’t speak French. What Mestre Valenca is saying here is that equestrian art is based on three things.

Love, Beauty and the Elegance and Kindness of the horses natural movement.

He also says that in the world of sport, dressage is something very regulated and standardized. By contrast with equestrian art the horse is allowed to express his own style and his own personality; in fact because the higher level of equestrian art goes so far beyond sport dressage, it is essential to be able to tap into the horse’s geniuse and not to break his spirit.

Finally he points out that the rider’s heart is important. He must love his horse to get the best out of him and at the same time because equestrian art is based on training the horse for war the horse must give everything and he is only going to do that if he senses the rider will do the same for him.

It’s all about trust.